What kind of Facebook addict are you?

Many of us plan a weekend of ‘Facebook detox’ . But unfortunately this website has become a part of our daily routine. A lot of us cannot go for more than a day without our daily dose of Facebook and sometimes even start our day in bed with Facebook instead of world news! We are ‘addicted’, but do you know what kind of an addict are you?

Read through the different kinds of Facebook addict personalities and tell us what kind you are by taking a simple poll!

The ‘Silent Spectator’

You log into Facebook several times a day but only to update yourself on others. You look through posts, pictures and other people’s profiles but barely comment, like or participate in any discussions. You do not like to disclose your life to others and rarely update your profile with photos, status updates or posts.

The ‘Like-a-holic’

You want to make your presence felt and let people know you are around without spending too much time and effort. So what do you do? Hit the magic ‘like’ button several times a day. You like people’s pictures, comments, status updates, posts, pages and sometimes instead of replying to a wall post on your wall you just simply ‘like’ it instead.

The ‘Extrovert’

You are not shy to tell your story and be a part of others’. When you have a view, you express it to your friends. Whether it’s commenting on a friend’s status message or a picture, or even updating your own – you like to speak and be spoken of.

The ‘Attention Seeker’

You change and add your pictures and  updates very regularly and sometimes look at your own profile more often than your news feed. You check your notifications several times a day to make a mental note of who has ‘liked’ or ‘commented’ on your updates. Not getting enough attention on your updates leaves you feeling lonely and depressed.



By: Suruchi Jajoo & Naimeesha Murthy



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