Using Social Media for Family Business


Most family businesses see big transformations when the baton is passed from one generation to the next. Sometimes, the transformation is in ideologies or in the way the human resources are approached and managed, sometimes there are changes in the product and service itself or it could be in the marketing strategies.

Changing times demand for changing techniques in every business. But are family businesses really open to these changes? Or is it a generation clash where one generation believes that experience and tried and tested ways work better and the other is willing to experiment and adapt to changing ways and technology?

The digital revolution has not only changed the way business is done, it has also created millions of jobs and seeded business ideas into many.

That got us thinking, in the cluttered market today, how important is social media as a new marketing tool for mid-sized family businesses and is the new generation willing to use it as a part of their marketing strategy against traditional marketing followed for generations?

We were recently reading about the Trapp family from Austria. For most of us, the Trapp family rings a bell because of Maria von Trapp (the inspiration for Fox’s famous 1965 movie The Sound of Music). Not many of us know about their family’s resort in Vermont, Austria. Once a popular destination because of the sheer name, Sam Von Trapp, grandson of Maria von Trapp noticed that the resort was losing it’s charm. Instead of riding on the resort’s past glory he quickly concluded that the resort’s digital presence was lacking and that could have been a reason for the dip in the popularity of the resort. He then engaged in a local digital and social media agency and got working with it. He took the opportunity to interact and share his experiences with a wide audience through social media and shared his experiences and passion about the resort. What this medium really offered him was a two way and continuous dialogue with the potential clients which is the key today.

 While the need of social media is defined by the product or service in question, our traditional family-run businesses open to exploring the benefits with this medium?

-Suruchi & Naimeesha 

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One thought on “Using Social Media for Family Business

  1. What a perfect candidate for social media too! He has such a great story to tell that I’m sure people would love to engage with him and talk about. We talk all the time with our clients about finding their story because everyone’s got one and it makes them more relateable and interesting. Great post!

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