Facebook launches matrimony app!


Well, not just yet but we are waiting for the day when we read about it in the headlines. We think that day is not far away! Why can’t Facebook launch a matrimony section or an app? Facebook has kept a track of your daily life since years – your changing relationship status, your beautiful and not-so-beautiful pictures, your moody status messages, your likes and what not! Facebook knows more about you and the events in your life than that nosey neighbor who likes to keep an eye on you or your favourite aunt who has seen you grow up. So why can’t Facebook serve as the perfect matrimonial platform?

The matrimonial site industry has been growing since the internet boom and this is one industry which has never lost it’s charm and importance. Infact, the number of registrations have been growing year on year and many traditional families who believed that word of mouth was the only way to find a suitor, have also taken to this medium. But then again, how much information does a matrimonial site give you besides searching of potential profiles?

Today a person who is moderately active on Facebook does not have to maintain a personal diary. All prominent events, pictures and feelings are recorded and well maintained on Facebook. All our basic information, details about our job or business, family – it is all available on Facebook.  We know which friend likes hiking and which friend is a Coldplay fan because we notice their ‘likes’ and ‘interests’ on Facebook.  With so much information and data available on Facebook, isn’t there a huge potential of finding your right match on this site?

And then, you always have ‘mutual friends’. It’s a small world after all! There is no way two people can’t find a common contact on Facebook.This makes the offline part of the process easier and serves as a source of getting to know this person better.

Why would someone join Facebook matrimony app? Some might argue that Facebook gives out way too much information which can lead to misunderstandings and perception building . There is also the question of privacy and how a person’s personal details can be protected. But we feel people will still join this app because of the sheer number of people connected through this site because Facebook alone has a larger database than all matrimony sites put together.

Today, one out of 6 marriages happen because of meeting on a social media site. Just imagine the number when there is an exclusive app for this!

– Suruchi & Naimeesha

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