How you can be the next “Justin Biber” [VIDEO]

Wondering, what Justin Biber did right which made him so big?

Practice and persistence? If it was that simple then why isn’t that singer with that enthralling voice at New York City 42ndstreet subway station not a swanky sensation who breaks millions of hearts?

Here is the truth, times are changing and there is more than just talent and X factor required to make the cut. The new generation mantra to be a legend is TALENT+ SOCIAL MEDIA.

Yes you read that right! You could be the next big thing and you don’t always need to have the ‘right’ connections or wait around in the reception of recording companies for hours anymore.

Bieber is a living example of that. This Canadian sensation uploaded his video on YOUTUBE in 2008 when he was discovered by his manager Scooter Braun. There was no stopping Justin since then! Not only did he pass the likeability test but outshined in every way on social media which almost forced people to fall in LOVE with him.

So all you budding actors and singers, here’s a piece of advice –the click button is waiting for you -get your social media act together and UPLOAD!


By: Naimeesha & Suruchi

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One thought on “How you can be the next “Justin Biber” [VIDEO]

  1. I wish I knew a girl like Barbie back as I was a youngster.

    I mean how awesome would it were already for simply a gamer like myself playing his Xbox come upon yourself just
    becoming a normal kid. Sorry this was a tangent, this post How you can be
    the next “Justin Biber” [VIDEO] SoCoBuzzer actually was super helpful along with changed how I will for ever play video gaming.

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