Think before you update!


Do you feel social media sites make it easier for you to express your thoughts and give you freedom of speech? A lot of people find it easier to say things on these sites – things they might not say easily in person or even over the phone. But sometimes these ‘things’ could rather be rude or inappropriate in the name of ‘freedom of speech’. A lot of people use social media sites  to send one of “those” messages out into the universe to let off some steam or to just stir a controversy.

Do you REALLY need to say it?

Most of the times the messages are directed to a person who you know CAN and WILL see you status update or your tweet. Messages like “Why do I meet so many idiots” or “Why are some people mean around me” are some examples. While typing the message, seconds after an argument or a disagreeable conversation you know exactly who you have in mind. But you prefer sending out this ‘vague’ message thinking you’re venting out and not hitting direct either. But guess what, most of the times the person in question knows exactly what you are talking about. Your other friends’ ‘likes’ and words of sympathy don’t make the situation any better, infact it worsens it. Coming back to reality, would you have the guts to say the same things to this person in real? Absolutely not! That’s the reason you’re taking this alternative route to vent out.

Then why say it all?

Studies show that while people use social media to express their frustration over a situation or a person, most of the times instead of them feeling better about having said it, it leads to a feeling of guilt and embarrassment moments later, after the ‘steam’ goes down. And then they quickly try to undo the damage in every possible way but most times it’s too late because Google has saved your message forever.  Sometimes this can even lead to more mis-communication than communication and a lot of confusion around you!

No one likes a ‘whiner’

While people around you might give your negative ‘message’ some attention, do you think they are really being appreciative of it? Most of the times – no! You might have well become the laughing stock of the day or tagged as the ‘whiner’. Very few people on your social network actually care about your miserable situation so why give them a chance to talk about it at all?

So the next time you update your status or tweet about an argument or want to pass a personal comment about someone- count 10, breathe and think if you really need to do this or would you rather talk about something happier? 

– Suruchi & Naimeesha

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One thought on “Think before you update!

  1. I agree! There are a lots of what you call, “whiners” on my facebook account, though not on twitter (that’s why I prefer twitter). It has almost become a culture to vent ones anger over Facebook, which is awful.

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