Path – the next big social networking app?


Have you heard your friends raving about Path lately? A lot of us probably have. The idea of this social networking app is to help people maintain a journal or what you call a “Path” to your life. Launched in November 2010, The Company is headquartered in downtown San Francisco. Path has grown to include over two million people sharing life with close friends and family all over the world.

Path at present is available only for iPhone and Android users and they have the option of integrating it with Facebook. There is something about this lightweight social networking app that some handlers quote as a reason to use over Facebook and that’s – privacy.

Path is a very private space where your numbers of connections are restricted to 150 as against having close to 500+ on a networking site like Facebook. The idea is to keep ‘real connections’ and people who actually care about your photos, events and posts. That’s why some claim that Path is a much more elegant way of keeping track of those closest friends when compared to Facebook.


There’s no denial that Path has an absolutely dazzling interface and many users say it’s extremely easy to use. When you pull down on the screen, it will show you what time each ‘moment’ (Path’s version of post) went live with a little clock on the top right.

It definitely has one of the slickest app experiences on the iPhone. Everything feels seamless. Each image has stunning resolution for the tiny screen on your iPhone and shines. You don’t have to jump to a full screen to enjoy each photo — it’s good enough to just view them in the timeline and also has a built-in variation of Instagram.

With all these great features and more, is Path on it’s way to becoming the next big social media app to watch out for?

-Suruchi & Naimeesha

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3 thoughts on “Path – the next big social networking app?

  1. Thank you for a good post about Path.

    I am unsure if Path will be the next Social Networking App. There are other candidates as well, such as Sonar & that are focusing on relations between people and buzzing when your friends are near that might be a better trigger/activater rather than Path’s.

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