Open Happiness!


Coco-cola! “Open Happiness”, “Live on the Coke Side of Life” and closer home, ‘Jo chaaho who ho jaaye Coca-Cola, enjoy’ – some taglines that have stuck in our memory over the years. They have come up with some of the best marketing and advertising campaigns and have aggressively made their presence and brand felt everywhere – earlier in Television, Radio and billboards and today, through Social Media.

In our opinion, the things that Coco-cola did right –

1.“Liquid and Linked”

That is how Coke describes its new marketing strategy. To describe what “Liquid” means, think of well, a liquid. A liquid can be stored in a glass, a jug or a bottle. You can even share it with people around you. That is what Coke is aiming at – having advertising content that can reach customers as is, content that can be shared on phones, TV and the internet and content that can go viral. Yet, they are all one liquid, contributing to the Coke goal. The idea is to produce content that is so good that you cannot help but share it. Making people talk about you is the best way to reach as far as possible.

How do you generate content that is Liquid and Linked? It cannot be boring and preachy. It has to be funny and something people relate to and want to post on their Facebook walls. “Storytelling” is what Coke calls it. It has to be funny, pretty and memorable. Meanwhile, they have delved into the psychology of consumers to create a deep emotional connection with their advertising, to create a personal experience the consumer will remember. Good stuff, I think

2. Having a simple, clear goal. “Double Coke’s consumption by 2020.” That is it. Easy to understand and work towards without a need for detailed explanations. Sometimes, marketing jargons creep into company goals, making the goal/s removed and distant from the people involved. Would you like to work towards something you don’t understand?

3.Recognizing the importance of Social Media. And very importantly, doing so at the right time. Today, it is not just a catchy ad that earns you business. Studies and statistics show that more consumers rely on the reviews and opinions of other people when buying a product.

4. Being extremely catchy. Their advertisements and slogans are some of the best in the market, and they have consistently kept it up. Having a good product is not just enough – you need to present it as best as you can, over and over again.

All this goes to prove that Marketing is ever-evolving and Social Marketing is this season’s new flavor. It is definitely here to stay. And Coke has caught on at just the right time. Check out this video for another brilliant campaign by Coke.

– Jayashree Bhat

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